A journalist turns male model and discovers that he’s actually in the same business: Fabrication.


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Read what critics are saying about the award-winning exploration of Latino displacement, postmodern identity, and the fashion and newspaper industry.

Going Down (Aignos, 2013)

“People like me don’t exist on paper.”

Chris Selden is drifting after college graduation until he finds himself developing a career in fashion and media. During the day, he becomes a commodity, a body that is traded and sold, merchandised and marketed, while at night, he is a journalist for the Star-Ledger. Soon he is living two lives, both of which are based on their own set of fabrications. But Selden discovers that he is also drifting downward, falling into a state in which he barely recognizes himself, becoming further enveloped in a culture where even reality is a copy of a copy.

The story opens with the question: “Where do I go now?” and readers travel with Selden through Manhattan’s runways and TV studios, a multi-million-dollar clothing heist and a fashion design leak, a mysterious disappearance in Rio and the memories of Cuba, a film debut at Cannes and a life lost in New Jersey, and ultimately, back where he begins—all of it captured on film.

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