Drift (King Shot Press, 2018) is a novel about destroying novels. Just kidding. Or am I?

Now available from King Shot Press & all fine bookstores <3


A couple arrive at a Mexican resort town as grisly murders escalate, crowds converge in Manhattan for an End of the World party, a journalist’s search for the real story leads him to the facts of his own disappearance. . . Chris Campanioni’s DRIFT is an apocalyptic riddle, a countdown to dead time, where what’s scripted begins to blur with what’s real and the pervasive fear of being surveilled is matched only by a desire to keep filming.

“DRIFT is a dizzying, nightmarish journey through our final days. This is one of those unique works, existing somewhere between Julio Cortázar’s 62: A Model Kit, Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, and maybe Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia . . . Campanioni has written an hysterical, existential glimpse of a parallel now populated with disappearing lovers, converging singularities and technological depression.”
—Chris Lambert, author of Killer Unconquered

“It’s largely due to this attack of experimental yet digestible use of language that I’m not positive what to consider DRIFT. Is it a novel that spans multiple relationships across multiple dimensions? Is it a collection of stories carrying a similar tone? … Novel, short story collection . . . doesn’t matter what you call it, this book will one day be considered a classic.”
Vol.1 Brooklyn