Words In Space

Social Identities
Documenting Disappearance: Self-Forgery and Dissimulation as a Means of Mobility

Interim Poetics (39.2)
Two poems

Social Text
returned as a body and VHS (translator’s note)

Diacritics (48.4)
The Glitch of Biometrics and the Error as Evasion: The Subversive Potential of Self-Effacement

Los Angeles Review of Books
The Camp and the City (Eastern Times/Western Times)

me to my face (as someone but I forgot who)

Journal of Cinema and Media Studies (61.1)
The Right to a Dignified Image: The Fashioning and Effacement of the Refugee within the Celebrity System

Columbia Journal
Three poems

Evergreen Review
a brief layover (cary grant with his pants down)

Simple Machines (Volume 1, Engines of Change)
question: do you consume what’s least desirable first or save

Los Angeles Review of Books
To Say Nothing About Our Joy

Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies (10.2)
Doubling the fantasy, adapting the reel: Entertaining transmediation as a collaborative narrative strategy

Thank you for lingering here

American Poetry Review (49.6)
The Architexture of the City

Borderlands Texas Poetry Review (52)
Accumulation of the ghost

Nat. Brut (14)
Two poems

The Unconditional Hospitality of Composition

in & out of jean shorts (the reel catches)

Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics 42.3 (2019)
Eso Es: Toward a New Cartography of the Migratory Text

Life Writing 18.1  (2020)
In Parallel With My Actual Diary: On Re-Writing an Exile

3:AM Magazine (May 7, 2020)
Location Settings, or: The Death of the City

Revisiting the Elegy in the Black Lives Matter Era (Routledge, 2020)
Two poems

Tupelo Quarterly (19)
What about an Internet Poetics?

The Operating System (ExSpecPo)
Transformation Tuesday (& other poems)

Hayden’s Ferry Review (Issue 64: MAGIC)
[at such an age or the lack of it]

Manticore: Hybrid Writing from Hybrid Identities
If Not, Not

The Laurel Review (52.2)
Two poems

Jet Fuel Review (Issue 17)
To Suppose/[Part Second]

The Operating System (NaPoMo 2019)
Chris Campanioni on Walter Benjamin

Redivider (16.1)
Time Piles Up Presses In & Flattens

Abridged (0_56 Alt)

Prelude (Volume 4)
Portrait w/Rt. 4

Im@go: A Journal of the Social Imaginary (12)
Fixing Being with Likeness: Facial Recognition as the Stage for Global Per-Formance

The Florida Review (42.2, 2018)
mortadella on the street corner

IC La Revista Científica de Información y Comunicación (15: When Memories Take a Stand)
Letters From Santiago: Re-membering the Displaced Body Through Dreams
Cartas de Santiago: Rememorando el cuerpo desplazado a través de los sueños

Two poems

M/C: Media and Culture (21.5: The Nineties)
How Bizarre: The Glitch of the Nineties as a Fantasy of New Authorship

Abridged (0_52 Contagion)
scene (& not scene)

Entropy (Under the Influence #5)
The Literary Psyche

Interações: Sociedade e as Novas Modernidades (Volume 34)
Digital (In)Visibilities & Inequalities

The New Engagement (Issue 15)
Three noteboook excerpts from MS DOS

Hypertext Magazine
Excerpt from DRIFT

Supernatural Studies (Issue 4.2)
How Do I Look? Data’s Death Drive & our Black Mirrored Reflections

X-RAY Literary Magazine (Issue 9)
Born Under Punches

Poetry International
A Collaborative Poem

Paris Lit Up (No. 5)
See What Happens When These Naughty School Girls Stay After Class For Detention

GlitterMOB (Issue 10)
Truckstop Fantasy Number One

Cosmonauts Avenue (January 2018)
Manufactured Pleasures

The Opiate (Volume 7)
We Hope You Enjoy the Selection

Origins Journal
Two notebook entries

Chróma Magazine (The Red Issue)

Three poems

The Normal School (Volume 10, Issue 2)
Two poems

Palimpsest (No. 8, Fall 2017)
Missing Letters

Wisconsin Review (Volume 50, Issue 1)
I grew up always out

Four poems

A VOID (1)
Two Frieze Frames

Five2One (16)
Five Frieze Frames

Quiet Lunch (Book 4)
In the beginning was the word, & the word

Duende (Exodus Feature Spring 17)

HVTN (3.1)
Three poems

3:AM Magazine (April 12, 2017)
Ghost in the Machine

Whitehot Magazine
I went to the Whitney Biennial & all I got was this poem (Portrait of An-Other Portrait)
The Right To Carry (Our Rapidly Expanding Company)

Gorse (Issue 7)
4 Poems

To be named

White Wall Review (Issue 40)
Now & Laters

Petrichor (Issue 3)
Four hybrid pieces

Glass: A Journal of Poetry (November 16, 2016)
Donald Trump Shakes

DIAGRAM (16.5)
5 Erasures

Two poems from Irregular Accounting

Hypertext Magazine
Time, and Time Again

Bellingham Review (Issue 73)
Let’s meet at the beginning of water

Yemassee (Issue 23.2)

Funhouse Magazine
Casual Encounters

Connotation Press (September 2016)
Five poems and an interview

Reality Beach (Issue 3)
I arrive as I always do

Hot Tips For Healthy Living

Notre Dame Review (Issue 42)
In a place where everybody

Tahoma Literary Review (Issue 7)
I do

London Journal of Fiction (Issue 2)

Ambit (Issue 225)
Ash Wednesday

America is Not the World
Paul Walker’s dead (a love story)

Articulated Press Anthology
Excerpt from DEATH OF ART

Public Pool
Two poems

The Opiate
The World Writes Itself/One of these things is not like the other

Those That This (Issue 10)
Two poems

The Matador Review (Summer 2016)
Three flashes

DIAGRAM (Issue 16.3)

Atticus Review
“Yes we’re open” extended prose section

Queen Mob’s Tea House
Drinking five dollar tap water at a club

LiGHT / WATER (Issue 1)
Two poems

3:AM Magazine (June 8, 2016)
Art Is For Necrophiliacs (If that’s how you spend)

Entropy (Enclave)
Two #finalpoems from Chris Campanioni

At Large Magazine
Lamborghini’s bid for change is a continuing legacy
Being Our Real Selves Online Starts By Augmenting Reality
We’re Sorry, We Could Not Locate the Server
Faraday Future’s Vision is Shared
Lost In Ferrari
Two essays
Casco Viejo/The Passenger
Hot Pursuit
Who The Hell Are You
Flippy Is Your Starring Role
Smoking Section
Living In Between
Anything over one is it
Death of the Artist
yes we’re open

Abridged (0_45 Why is it always December?)
Sex for trash

Personal Statement

Barzakh Issue 8
yes we’re open

Drunken Boat (23)
To see what I’ll look

The Texas Review (Volume 36, Numbers 3 & 4)
Two poems

Really System (Issue 10)
Status Update

HANDSOME (Vol.8 No.1)
Out the Author

Abridged (0_14 Floodland)
Every man for him

Five 2 One Magazine
Say Anything

Pithead Chapel (Volume 5, Issue 3)
Roman Holiday

Two poems

Gabby Journal (Issue 6)
LMK when ur coming out & My brother hardly stops

Red Fez (Issue 86)
Soft Opening

Name Dropping

Carbon Culture Review (Issue 2)
A Slice of Life

Alebrijes (Issue 1)
Personal Statement

The Hartskill Review (Winter 2015)
Two poems

Your Impossible Voice (Issue 10)
Two poems

Ruminate Magazine (Issue 37)
Dear Valued User

Maudlin House
I imagine you are

Prelude (Volume II)
Scenes Deleted Before the Release and Parting Shots

The Seventh Wave
My girlfriend wishes I would

Narrative Northeast (Issue 3, Summer/Fall 2015)
Something Stolen

Numéro Cinq (November 2015)
Self-Interested Glimpses

Zócalo Public Square
Ghost Stories

Word Riot (October 2015)
One Direction

Digging through the Fat
Rules To Love By

Origins Journal (Fall 2015)
Three poems

Duende (Issue 3)
Love Stories From the Twentieth-Century (caught on film)

Sliver of Stone (Issue 11)
Just One Line

Pacifica Literary Review
The Elm

SunStruck Magazine (Issue 1)
Shooting the Breeze

Standing Passengers

Zócalo Public Square

Carbon Culture Review
75 Minutes More

London Journal of Fiction

Shadowgraph Quarterly (Spring 2015)
50 First Dates (a Tinder story)

Corium Magazine (Issue 20)
Three stories

Mixtape Methodology
This is the best part
Someone once told me
Talk Talk
More Songs About Buildings and Food
This Must Be the Place
Rules To Love By

Red Fez (Issue 80)
Study Abroad

Thin Noon
The Model Lives Upstairs

Side B Magazine (Obliterations)
The Elm

Minor Literature(s)
Three experimental pieces

Really System (Issue Seven, Summer 2015)
Working Models

Quiddity International Literary Journal (Volume 8.1-2015)
Criminal Tendencies

Scapegoat Review (Spring 2015)
Something Else

Crack the Spine (Issue 155)
Love Stories from the Twentieth-Century (caught on film)

Red Fez (Issue 75)
Review: Madonna’s Like a Prayer (1989)


The Wrong Quarterly (Issue 2, Spring 2015)
Review: Madonna’s Like a Prayer (1989)

Rosebud Magazine (Issue 58)
I would have told you

Blunderbuss Magazine
Backtrack to ’97

Red Savina Review (Volume 2, Issue 2)

Vending Machine Press (Issue 6)
South to Savannah

Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective (Summer 2014)

Literary Orphans (Issue 14: BB King)
Three Poems

Control Literary Magazine (Issue 2, Summer 2014)
Three Poems

Squawk Back (Issue 118)
Nominative Absolute

Fjords Review (Vol. 2 Issue 3)

For tNY’s Electronic Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature
Focal Points
Atrocity Exhibition X. (Reflections From Damaged Life Part Two)
Excerpt from SCREEN, May 26, 2008
In Conversation
Endnotes for LIFE

For The Brooklyn Rail
Partial Reveals & Inclusive Revelations in the Post-Truth Simulacracy
Soong’s Staging of Pre-Arrival
The Politics of Language: In & Of Translation
The things we carry and the things that carry us in the migratory drift
A Life Not Fit to Form: The Restoration of Unnamable Joy
The Disappearing Acts of Refuse
Assimilation as Disappearing Act
Redefining our Subject Object Relations
A Suspended G(l)aze: On Errancy & Arrivals
Eyes Without a Face
Addressing a Wound
God In The Machine
Found Footage
The Poet As Caretaker
The Idea is Read About Rather Than Looked At
In the Name of the Father, & the Son
The Barely-There Before or: Paradise Lost (& Found)
IN CONVERSATION w/Ralph Hamilton
Mea Cuba: On Exile and Excess
Versions and (Per)Versions or: Get Rich or Die Tryin’
Assault via Art
Minding the Gap
It’s All in Your Head
Half in Speculation
Snapshots of the Artist
Lost with Phone

For Across the Margin
Out of Order
A Letter to the Internet
Coda for the Twenty-First Century (Verse 3)
Coda for the Twenty-First Century (Verse 2)
Coda for the Twenty-First Century (Verse 1)
1,000 Words or Less
Walking Corpses and Self-ish Considerations
The Word is Yours (part 2)
The Word is Yours (part 1)

For the Star-Ledger
The Star-Ledger’s search results
More from the Star-Ledger’s archive

For the Record and the Herald News
The Record’s search results

For the San Francisco Chronicle
The San Francisco Chronicle’s search results

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