A and B and Also Nothing

A and B and Also Nothing is out now. Named as new and notable nonfiction from SPD and among the best small press releases of June and July by Entropy Magazine. A non-fiction best-seller at Small Press Distribution from July through September 2020. Purchase from SPD, Bookshop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore. Take a look at the entire catalog of books available from Otis Books | Seismicity Editions.

Like Walter Benjamin who believed copying his own notes out was a way of imbibing the original, I play music as I write. Hospitality of the text, which hosts all voices unconditionally. Generosity of the text, which welcomes such pleasurable interferences.

“… a brilliant manifesto-aria on what it means to attend, to concentrate, to listen, to resist, and to reckon. Imaginatively jamming together James’s The American and Stein’s The Making of Americans, Campanioni reshuffles nationality, borders, and genealogy.” — Wayne Koestenbaum, in BOMB

“… transforms and provokes American history and its relationship to our present moment of cultural upheaval.” — Ruben Quesada, in The Harvard Review

“… a writer without limits, as inexhaustibly experimental.” — Miciah Hussey, in CRUSHFanzine

“Besides being a nonfiction bestseller, A and B and Also Nothing is also a literary critique, an exploration of rhetoric, and a rich and intimate personal narrative.” — Davon Loeb, in Los Angeles Review of Books

“… an abundance of intertextual commentary, an almost Pac-Man consumption of theory and literature.” — Christopher Linforth, in 3:AM Magazine

I made a soundtrack companion to A and B and Also Nothing. Listen on Spotify below, or click here.